Bladder Cancer: Covering the Basics Of Bladder Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells start dividing uncontrollably that can damage the neighboring tissues. The Cancer cells usually spread to other parts of the body through lymph systems and blood. According to many doctors, Cancer is not just a disease rather it is a group of many diseases. Cancer is of more than hundred types, and each type is named for the organ that it affects. The most common types of Cancer are breast cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, Melanoma, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, renal cancer, colon & rectal cancer and leukemia. |Cancer is a disease which slowly spreads through-out the body parts affecting healthy cells and destroying the functions of tissues. It forms in clusters and lumps inside the body. The disease spreads through different fluid in body flowing through blood vessels, nerves, and other organs. There are too many types of Cancer which are differentiated as par their location and existence. Breast cancer, bone cancer, bladder cancer are very common categories of cancer. Besides these, there are 100+ types of cancers found in human body. bladder cancer symptoms bladder cancerbladder cancer signs